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All work is fully insured and guaranteed!

Call now for a quote 0800 191 0612

All work is fully insured and guaranteed!

Gutters, fascias and soffits

T.P.A Paving & Building Ltd provide a comprehensive roofline service installing fascias, soffits, guttering and bargeboards for that modern, clean and finished looking roof.
Adding a fresh roofline can be like a facelift to the outside of the house, instantly providing a clean and modern look whether it’s a first installation or a replacement of an old system. Classic white or black PVC still rules the market but new options coming onto the market offer profiles designed to look like mahogany, oak and rosewood, give your home a whole new exterior look and they also help keep your roof in great shape blocking rain and damp.

Fascia & Soffit Installation Process

 T.P.A Paving & Building Ltd will arrive promptly on the morning of your installation and begin preparation causing minimal disturbance to the customer and neighbouring properties. Here are the main stages….

  • Stage 1. We carefully remove all existing timber fascia and soffit.
  • Stage 2. Any remedial work to main timbers is carried out.
  • Stage 3. End tiles which lead to gutters are removed and any rotten felt is trimmed back.
  • Stage 4. Only when we have dealt with all the underlying problems, will we move to replace the existing boards with premium gleaming new uPVC Fascias and Soffits.
  • Stage 5. Install hidden ventilation system & uPVC gutter & downpipe.

 T.P.A Paving & Building Ltd will then make finishing touches, quality checks, remove debris and tidy the premises. All debris and old materials will be removed from the property and disposed off correctly.

Fascias and Bargeboards

These make up the front panels of the roofline system and are particularly prone to damage and dirt with quality repairs or replacements making a huge improvement in general appearance. Modern options come in a range of styles and colours, bargeboards can be highly decorative and even flat fascias have options with designs carved and grooved into them

Gutter Clear

Are the gutters and downpipes on your church, old barn or home getting the regular care they need? All it takes is a handful of leaves, a few twigs or a dead pigeon to cause a blockage that could cost your congregation thousands of pounds to repair. And a single mature tree can shed 200,000 leaves a year! Blocked gutters and downpipes are probably the biggest cause of avoidable repair problems in churches. Fortunately there is a solution T.P.A Paving & Building Ltd Gutter Clearing Team




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